What's Friends Tracker?

Ever asked yourself whoever has removed my friendship whoever has deleted me on Facebook? The number of your friends on Facebook is changed and you want to know why? Well, you cannot find this information on Facebook because... simply it's not there!

Only Friends Tracker can give you the answer!

Friends Tracker keeps track of changes in your Facebook friends list. Your current friends list is analyzed and compared with the previous one (if any). In this way you can always find who has deleted your friendship from Facebook.

We are online since September, 2015 ...

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How it works?

Friends Tracker is available both as App for Android devices and as Chrome browser extension for Personal Computer.

How it works with Android devices?

If you have an Android device (smartphone or tablet) you can install the Friends Tracker App directly from Google Play (click the link below).

Install the FREE Friends Tracker App from Google Play

How it works with Personal Computer?

If you DO NOT HAVE an Android device you can use Friends Tracker on any personal computers through its Chrome Browser Extension.

First of all you need a Personal Computer with Chrome browser installed. If you do not have Chrome you can download it from here

If you already have Chrome, you can go on and follow below instructions:.

  1. Create your FREE account on Friends Tracker
    Click on link , fill in the form with required information and send it.
    You'll receive an e-mail containing a link to activate your account.
    Click on that link and your account will be activated.

  2. Install our extension for Chrome browser
    Add to your Chrome browser the free extension Friends Tracker directly from the Google Chrome Web StorePlease note that above message is a standard Chrome security message. Friends Tracker does not read or change any data on the websites you visit, except for reading your Facebook friends names and urls. This permission is required to search for who unfriended you from Facebook.

  3. Search for Facebook unfriends using the Chrome extension
    Login on Facebook, run our Chrome extension and follow on screen instructions.

After first unfriends search, Friends Tracker will start to keep track of your Facebook friends list changes and you will be able to check if someone will unfriend you, simply running again the unfriends search!

For your information:

  • Only names and profile urls of your Facebook friends are stored on Friends Tracker database. No other data are collected by Friends Tracker.
  • Friends Tracker uses this information only to compare your friends list with the previous one (if any) and to show you if anyone unfriended you.
  • Nobody can have access to your data other than you.
  • Your information are maintained strictly private.
  • Your friends list data will never be shared with third parties or sent to anyone.
  • Friends Tracker tool do not alter or modify your Facebook friends list.
  • Friends Tracker does not collect or store your Facebook login credentials. In fact, we ask you to be previously logged on Facebook before running our tool.
  • You can ask for removal of your data from our server in every moment.

Some statistics

The average Facebook user has 130 friends. Men are more likely to use media for careers/networking and dating while women use social media for a creative outlet, for coupons/promos and to give positive feedback.

Why do Facebook users remove friends?

  • Offensive comments 55% (more female)
  • Don't know well 41% (more female)
  • Trying to sell me something 39% (more male)
  • Depressing comments 23% (male and female)
  • Lack of interaction 20% (male and female)
  • Political comments 14% (male and female)
  • Breakup / divorce 11% (male and female)
  • Don't like their friends 8% (more male)
  • Update profile too often 6% (male and female)
  • They add too many people 6% (male and female)
  • They don't update enough 3% (male and female)

Why do Facebook users add friends?

  • Know in real life 82% (more female)
  • Mutual friends 60% (more male)
  • Business networks 11% (more male)
  • Physical attractiveness 8% (more male)
  • Increasing friend count 7% (more male)
  • Friend everyone 7% (more male)
  • Quality of photo 7% (more male)
  • Their number of friends 4% (more male)

Some good reasons to choose Friends Tracker

There are many apps that claim to be able to tell you whoever remove your friendship on Facebook but:

  • some apps force you to install programs and then they are letal virus that you wouldn't never install on your computer
  • some apps bombs you with redirect and advertising web pages you never asked for
  • some apps are online for a short time, then their servers go down and you lose your friends list tracking history
  • some apps does not work anymore because they have been blocked by Facebook
  • some apps claim to be able to tell you who unfriended you but simply they are not able

Why Friends Tracker?

If you are looking for application that can really tell you whoever has removed your friendship on Facebook you are in the right place.

Friends Tracker does what you are looking for in the most simple way.

Our tool is user friendly, fast and it really works!

Friends Tracker really works

You can try it for 5 times completely free!
Finally, if you like it, you can purchase a PREMIUM license at an amazing price.